Why Choose us for Custom Decks & Powered Pergolas

Buscaglia Decks has been the premiere Western NY deck builder since 1987, and we are now offering Powered Pergolas.

Buscaglia Decks and Powered Pergolas: Western NY deck builder since 1987

Buscaglia Decks has been the premiere Western NY deck builder since 1987, and we are now offering Powered Pergolas

A representative of Buscaglia Decks personally meets with each client to discuss their personal needs and ideas, and will design a functional yet aesthetically-pleasing addition to your home.

References: We have hundreds of photos of our work, as well as numerous references that will assist you in making a well-informed decision as to who your deck builder should be as well as what type of deck will suit you best.

We encourage potential customers to not only request references from any builder but we also invite you to call our references or visit our completed decks for an up close inspection of our workmanship.

About our products: maintenance friendly decking offers you the most realistic wood look and offers the benefits of lasting color with no peeling, cracking, warping, or silvers. Maintenance friendly decking also provides a very clean surface without surface nails and screws.

Why Choose Us?

Buscaglia Decks & Powered Pergolas has been providing our customers with consistent pricing and workmanship since 1987.  We are fully insured and have our insurance certificates on file with each municipality and will provide proof of workers compensation and liability insurance upon request.

What makes us a quality Western NY deck builder?

Frequently Asked Questions

Buscaglia Decks & Powered Pergolas provides answers to your building and design questions regarding permits, substructures, foundations, price, charges, free estimates, lighting, and our scheduling in season.

For any questions not covered in this section please feel free to contact us directly for more information or assistance.

A deck usually starts at @ 192 sq foot (12’ x 16’) with railings which will accommodate One living space such as a table & chairs or lounge area and grill up to any size.  Pergolas generally start @ 10’ x 10’ but can be 24’ deep by indefinite length.

Our Powered Pergolas can be built over a deck we build or existing concrete pads and decks.  If being built over a paver patio or lawn they would require us to put foundations below grade for support.  They can be built on personal residences or businesses.

Weather permitting, we work year round.

We schedule our building dates in the order that we sign contracts with clients.

We will travel approximately 45 minutes in any direction from Lancaster, NY without additional charge.

Our estimates are given free of charge for homeowners and businesses who are interested in building a deck or pergola with us.  We provide estimates year round.

Most projects with an average size of 200-500 square feet will take approximately 2-6

days to complete weather permitting after any foundation footers are completed.

We stand behind all of our workmanship and give the utmost attention to detail and quality in every aspect of our projects, we keep an open line of communication with Homeowners and businesses.

The LED low voltage post top lighting we offer provides your outdoor area with incredible ambiance and allows you to utilize your deck longer into the evening without the need for alternative light sources, they also provide added security to the back of your home with exterior lighting, and low voltage lighting doesn’t attract insects.

Most towns require a permit when building a deck, if one is required, necessary drawings will be provided by us and should be taken to your town’s building department with a copy of your survey.  All insurances are on file with all municipalities.

We provide all necessary documentation of insurances, materials, and drawings needed for HOA approvals.  We can also arrange presentations to large HOA homeowners groups who are interested in all home inclusive projects.