Powered Pergolas

Buscaglia Decks offers Powered Pergolas, which are American made commercial grade, powder coated aluminum louvered roofs that are motorized.

Custom Powered Pergolas

Buscaglia Decks & Powered Pergolas offers American made motorized pergolas. The all aluminum pergola is produced using extruded aircraft grade commercial thickness aluminum and powder coated in 4 available colors. The louvers can open and close to allow sun or shade and make it rain proof when shut.

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What is a Powered Pergola?

The powered pergolas are a very aesthetically appealing and versatile addition to any residential or commercial outdoor space. The motorized pergolas can be custom designed to fit your space with different sizes and shapes, and a pitch of only ½” per foot to run the water off, and which keeps the pergola higher as to not interfere with headroom or views. They are designed to have the louvers left open in the winter to prevent heavy snow build up, but can also be built to be left closed for a heavier snow load. There is also a hurricane wind rating on the pergola.

Motorized powered pergolas extend your outdoor season because they DO NOT have to be taken up or down each year, which allows you to enjoy your outdoor space longer into the start and end of each season since they can remain up all year. You also DO NOT have the added cost of taking an awning up or down, have it cleaned & stored, and replaced due to wind, tearing or snow damage, fading or staining. Our rich powder coated pergolas maintain their color and look longer and better than canvas awnings.


When the powered pergola is in the open position, it allows light into your interior rooms, it doesn’t permanently block light like other shade options.
The powered pergolas are able to be installed free standing on an existing or new concrete patio or deck with aluminum columns or extended deck posts. They also can be attached to roofs or walls on your house, garage or business to avoid inside columns.
They come with a hand held remote and wall mounted control box to operate the motor which is low voltage and just plugs into a 110 outlet. The pergolas are available in 4 standard colors: white, taupe, bronze, and black and can be ordered in a single or multi color options.